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Agricultural Slewing Drives

If you make your living in the fields, you probably use equipment that relies on slew drives. These efficient gearbox mechanisms provide rotational torque and load holding capabilities, essential functions in the agriculture industry.

SlewMaster is your one-stop headquarters for high-quality agricultural slew drives that will enhance the performance of your farm equipment and add significant value to your business. Choose from an assortment of in-stock or custom products to meet any need. 


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Which Types of Equipment Require Slew Drives?

Slew drives work best in high-torque applications that demand maximum rotational accuracy and high-precision positioning. Examples of the numerous farm machines that meet this requirement include:

  • Manure pump units.
  • Hose carts.
  • Manure applicators.
  • Planters.
  • Grain carts.
  • Tillage tools.


Our extensive in-house customization capabilities enable us to design and manufacture a slew drive that will ensure the perfect fit for your machines.


What Are the Benefits of Our Slew Drive Technology?

Using SlewMaster farm equipment slew drives gives you access to advanced features that are far beyond what you'll find in traditional gearbox systems. Your operations will gain a host of advantages:

  • Increased power density: The internal slewing ring provides the extra capacity and superior driving force through the worm gear. You'll experience more control over speed and reduction ratios while operating your farming machines. 
  • Space conservation: The slew drive's compact, streamlined design saves significant space in the perpendicular planes. This technology eliminates the need for additional gearboxes to achieve speed reduction.
  • Simple installation: Our slew drives offer plug-and-play functionality that ensures a fast, easy installation. They provide seamless integration with other equipment systems.
  • Reduced contamination risk: Farm equipment operates in harsh environments consisting of dirt, dust and debris that can damage internal components. Our slew drives feature a fully enclosed housing that keeps harmful materials away. 
  • Numerous customization possibilities: Regardless of your agricultural applications, we can deliver a custom slew drive solution that delivers the results you expect. Whether you're looking to add drive motors to increase torque capacity or make other modifications, SlewMaster has the technology, resources and ingenuity to accommodate your needs.


Why Partner With SlewMaster?

When you choose us as your slew drive supplier, you'll get reliable prices to fit your company's budget. We also lock our prices early to eliminate surprises — you'll always know what you're getting from SlewMaster.

If you've purchased slew drives from overseas manufacturers and were disappointed with their reliability and longevity, you're in for a welcome change when buying from us. We're an ISO:9001-certified company that makes quality a top priority. We back all our products with a one-year warranty, giving you extra confidence and more peace of mind.

We'll also serve as your trusted technical consultant. We're available to guide you during the design and implementation phases and beyond to ensure you get maximum long-term value.


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