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Man Lift Slew Drive

Man lift hydraulic systems are responsible for supporting varying weight capacities and heights. The system needs a powerful component for energy transfer to reach these performance requirements. With a man lift slew drive from SlewMaster Inc., engineers can meet torque needs at a price that reflects their project budget.


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Why Use Slew Drives for Man Lifts?

A slew drive is a steering box that transforms axial movement into rotational torque, making it a critical component for many equipment motors. With their consistent and powerful energy transfer, these drives prevent weaknesses at the central point of a machine, so every part operates according to necessary power requirements. In an aerial platform or man lift, the system relies on high-performance hydraulics to lift a platform and anyone using the machinery. Hydraulics need to deliver even power to keep the user safe and reach maximum height. 

A man lift slew drive contains bearing, rotation and motion control in a compact system without sacrificing power output. With a slew drive, man lift crane hydraulics can carry various weights and reach different heights while offering smooth, reliable movement. With this single compact power delivery system, engineers can enjoy a cost-effective and space-efficient solution.

An aerial platform slew drive uses a simple design to deliver high horsepower and torque. The structure also provides impressive longevity. Once you've built the component into a system, slew drives only require pumping maintenance at various grease points.

Man lifts need reliable power delivery throughout their systems. With these lifts reaching as high as 180 feet, consistent power delivery throughout is critical for user safety and function. With a properly configured slew drive, engineers can create durable and high-performance man lifts.


Work With SlewMaster for Your Aerial Platform Slew Drive

At SlewMaster Inc., we offer two different in-stock models with ideal configurations for man lift designs. Our RKE Series drives have an IP65 rating with an enclosed housing. The oxi-nitrocarburized externally geared slew ring meshes with a straight worm shaft. With a teeth contact ratio of 1.8, this model supports high tolerances and has stronger backlash control than other drives of the same size.

The RKO Series is a drop fit model for the RKE drives with open housing. Without additional housing materials, the RKO drives have a lighter weight with the same performance features. The open housing style of the RKO Series is ideal for controlled environments free of debris, while the RKE Series can operate in harsh conditions. The internal geometry of the worm-wheel mesh is machined with extreme accuracy and precision to provide a reliable product. With high backlash control, our team is able to limit high run-outs, vibrations, and poor control over man lift positioning.

In addition to our in-stock models, the SlewMaster team offers customization opportunities. We partner with engineers to deliver slew drives that reflect your design concepts. Whether you need slight modifications to one of our series models or you need a more turnkey solution, we'll collaborate with you every step of the process.


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