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Top Slewing Bearing Manufacturer

Top Slewing Bearing Manufacturer

Slew Rings

SlewMaster provides its customers with high-quality slew rings within a wide range of sizes used in many applications. Sizes range from 3” (100mm) up to 6 ft (2m) in OD. For design and application purposes, slew rings are available with external teeth on the outer ring, internal teeth on the inner ring, or without teeth. 

Driving Pinions and Hydraulic Motors are available to mesh with appropriate slew rings upon request. Single-row and double-row slew rings are available to accommodate different loading applications. For non-market standard rings, our team of engineers work alongside our customers to provide custom-made slew rings as per required performance.


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Technical Specifications
Four-Point contact bearing
Single row/double row
Material: C45/42CrMo4
Raceway diameter range: 3” (100mm) – 6ft (2m)
Standard/Custom mounting holes
Bearing raceway hardened to 50~54HRC
Standard/Custom grease zerk locations
High RPM

Benefits of Using Slewing Ring Bearings

Users can experience many benefits with a slewing ring, from its design to its diverse applications. A slewing bearing:

  • Withstands heavy loads.
  • Operates in axial and radial directions.
  • Works in high tilt conditions.
  • Minimizes friction.
  • Accommodates different gear orders and reduction rations.
  • Requires minimal maintenance.

A slewing ring is a versatile component that can operate in basic layouts with a pinion or more advanced environments with added teeth and gear modules. At SlewMaster, we can create a slewing ring bearing that meets your project specifications. 


Features of Our Slewing Bearings

There are various types and brands of bearings across the market covering a wide range of applications. Our slewing ring bearings offer a range of features to support your applications. 


Slewing Bearing Types

A slewing ring can be a ball or roller bearing. Ball bearings use spherical steel with plastic spacers to minimize friction and facilitate smooth rotation. A single-row ball slewing ring has a four-point contact structure. A double-row configuration has two rows of four-point contact.

Our roller bearings use cross-roller elements instead of steel balls. This design creates a line of contact rather than four distinct points of contact. With this configuration, the load is spread over a larger area on the raceway.

Talk to our professionals to find the ideal bearing type for your project.


Slewing Ring Load Compatibility

We can accommodate your slew ring bearing to your project specifications. For heavy load requirements, we can use an induction hardening heat treatment. This process will improve metal strength for optimum performance. We also recommend a double-row design to distribute the load more effectively.

In addition to heavy-duty styles, slewing rings can work in light-load applications with thin section and flange designs. 


Life Span of Our Slewing Rings

The service life of your slewing bearing depends on wear and tear on the inner geometry. Our team will design your slew ring according to your specifications for the best results. It is essential that you remain within the load specifications to keep your slew bearing healthy. With simple maintenance procedures, you can support a long service life.


Slewing Ring Applications

Due to its versatility, a slewing bearing is considered the go-to solution across different slewing products. Applications include:


Why Choose SlewMaster Slewing Bearings?

SlewMaster's operations team follows through with customer forecasts and blanket orders to always guarantee that all custom products are available in a timely manner. 

For standard market slewing bearings, our team is able to provide drop fit models with reference to a bearing part number across different brands. For non-standard ring bearings, our engineering team is equipped with all the required bearing calculations and 3d modeling tools to provide custom made slewing ring bearings. 

Through collecting information about project scope, design considerations, and ring application, engineering solutions are implemented to be in compliance with customer requirements. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your options and find the right slewing ring for your application.


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