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Crane Slewing Ring

Crane Slewing Ring

Cranes are robust machines with a wide range of motion and high load capabilities. Slew rings play a valuable role in crane operation, which is why durable designs and regular maintenance are vital to a ring's overall function. At SlewMaster Inc., our slew rings for cranes, and various other applications, offer durability from beginning to end. With regular maintenance, our components are a cost-effective solution for any design.


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The Function of a Crane Slew Ring

In lifting equipment like cranes, slew rings create a joint between the undercarriage and the upper structure of the machine. These bearings allow cranes to turn 360 degrees while supporting other diverse movement requirements, from thrust and radial motion to tilting. The slewing ring's open design allows hydraulic systems and other control components to pass through the ring for more efficient use of space.

Slew rings play a critical role in crane operation due to their many responsibilities. While crane slewing rings regulate many movement types, they also withstand the weight of the equipment and its various loads, including payload and counterbalance. 

Since cranes are rated at their maximum capable lifting load, it is important to review how far away from the center of the crane this load can be lifted. This is directly related to the crane slew bearing and is referred to as "Tiling Moment Capacity.” A crane may have multiple vital components for its operation, but a slew ring is the most critical component in designing a crane load chart. Overall, the slew ring will reflect how much load a crane can lift, and the allowed distance where this load can be lifted at safe operating conditions.


Why Is Crane Slewing Ring Maintenance Important?

Slew rings support many of a crane's functions. If any one of these components fails, the equipment and its operators are at risk. The majority of slew ring failures revolve around overloading, incorrect installation and surface lubrication issues. Among the three problems, lubrication is the most common maintenance mistake. 

Since slewing rings are responsible for various movements and weight balancing, they require high-pressure grease to prevent surface roughening and cracks caused by friction and debris. With enough wear from these factors, slewing rings can spall, leading to complete machine failure.

Regular lubrication is the solution to early wear in a crane slew ring. During these maintenance checks, individuals should also perform torque checks on bolts to ensure the system is prepared to operate at maximum capacity levels.

Condition monitoring can also help teams identify system failures as they happen. This type of maintenance check will often require a grease examination to determine the lubricant's quality and effectiveness in preventing wear. 


Proper Crane Maintenance

Preventive crane maintenance can protect your investment by extending the machine's useful life over time. It's key to maintain and inspect the equipment, even during idle periods. The most important proper crane maintenance steps include:

  • Bearing lubrication: Most slow-moving cranes require lubrication with extreme pressure grease every 100 machine hours to maintain the bearings.
  • Gear lubrication: The turning motion of the teeth on gears often regularly rejects lubricant, so it's vital to add grease between the gear and pinion every eight hours.
  • Bolts: It's key to regularly torque and inspect tensioned bolts over time, depending on the crane's level of use and potential for vibration and shock.
  • Seals: Another essential step in crane maintenance is to visually inspect bearing seals on a regular basis since these prevent raceway contamination.


Work With SlewMaster to Maintain Your Crane Slewing Ring

SlewMaster Inc. carries a selection of slewing rings for your project applications. With the E-Series slewing ring, engineers can meet heavy-load requirements in crane designs. The helical teeth configuration allows for pinion meshing and worm gear meshing in slew drives. Our team works with different applications engineers to assist in selecting the appropriate product for their cranes. Through understanding the final crane load requirements, safety factors and material treatments, we are able to provide standard and custom-made solutions across multiple models.

We use durable materials and advanced slew ring designs to deliver cost-effective solutions to equipment engineers. We act as a technical consultant for your team to find the right slewing ring configuration for your heavy equipment project.

Our slewing rings are an excellent addition to a machine in the early design process. Our slew rings for cranes are also a valuable replacement if your existing ring starts to spall. With the proper lubrication and maintenance, our slew rings offer longevity and heavy-load performance.


Benefits of Our Slew Rings

SlewMaster Inc. slew rings have many features that set our equipment apart as an excellent addition to your machinery. The main crane slew ring benefits include:

  • Precision: We construct our slew rings with laser-like precision, so you can count on secure 360-degree movement and heavy-load performance. 
  • Durability: Our slew rings have a low friction index with excellent sealing to prevent contamination from water or dust, helping them last longer. 
  • Safety: We engineer our rings to withstand heavy loads in high tilt conditions with reliability and minimal maintenance so that your team can have peace of mind. We also meet the high standards of ISO:9001 certification for quality management.
  • No limits: Our slew rings provide above-average performance with extra strength and axial and radial directions. 


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At SlewMaster Inc., we partner with your team to deliver in-stock and custom slew drive and slew ring solutions. Our crane slew rings offer longevity with the correct care, making them an excellent addition to any machine. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products.


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