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Slew Drives for Welding Positioners

Slew Drives for Welding Positioners

Slew drives provide the precise radial and axial movements essential for welding positioners. With exceptional horsepower, high rotational torque, and a durable design, slew drives can operate under heavy loads and require minimum maintenance. These reliable systems are ideal within a range of industries where welding positioners are crucial for operations.


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Why Do You Need a Slew Drive?

Professionals and engineers in various industries require slew drives for rotating heavy equipment and parts of machinery. The high rotational torque of slew drives allows them to complete precise and consistent axial and radial motions, making them perfect for numerous industrial applications. Slew drives are essential for operations that require powerful rotational force and high load holding in one compact gearbox.


The Benefits of Slew Drives

Slew drives are durable and affordable alternatives to conventional gearbox systems. They're also:

  • Compact: The space-saving design includes everything you need in a compact system. Plus, there's no need for additional gearboxes.
  • Powerful: Slew drives feature a high load-holding structure and increased power density for strong rotational torque.
  • Customizable: We offer custom solutions to your engineering needs. We'll design a slew drive to match your project requirements.
  • Low-maintenance: Slew drives are reliable components that require little maintenance.
  • Easy to install: Improvements on older slew drives mean you can easily integrate them into any system.

What Is a Welding Positioner?

A welding positioner is a piece of industrial equipment that enables a welder to work on an item or large part. The positioner holds the piece and allows the welder to rotate it 360 degrees to work at the proper angle. A quality welding positioner will have smooth, consistent and accurate movements for superior welds.


Why Are Slew Rings Essential for Welding Positioners?

At their most basic, welding positioners consist of a worktable, frame, control box and slewing device. They help welders work on odd-shaped or awkward parts in a way that promotes comfort, uniformity and quality work. Slew rings are essential for welding positioners as they provide the worktable rotation. Slew rings allow welders to control the speed and degree of the rotation regardless of the load size and weight. The slewing rings also provide smooth and consistent movements for quick adjustments.


Quality Slew Drives From SlewMaster Inc.

At SlewMaster Inc., we're a reliable OEM slew drive manufacturer committed to providing our customers with dependable solutions to their engineering needs. We offer slewing rings for welding positioners in any industry. We also pride ourselves in being technical consultants to our customers. In addition to stocking various slew drives, we offer technical guidance and work alongside our customers from the initial design to the final manufacturing stage. 

Our slew drives offer powerful rotational torque, precise movements and durable construction, making them the perfect component for welding positioners. 


Custom Slew Drives for Welding Positioners

Our expert team will collaborate with you to deliver the optimal slew drive for your needs. Our in-stock options include slew bearings for welding positioners, slew drives and hydraulic swivels. In addition to our in-stock items, we offer custom solutions made to your specifications for various applications. We're always available to work within your project scope to help you create a powerful and dependable welding positioner. Request a free quote online or call us at 905-828-4001 today.


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