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Road Paver Slew Drives

Road Paver Slew Drives

Slew drives create exceptional power for rotating parts in heavy machinery. When it comes to the moving components in a road paver, the slew drive produces the torque and horsepower necessary for an effective paver. At SlewMaster Inc., our road paver slew drive options offer an optimal configuration for high torque applications.


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How Does a Slew Drive Work in a Road Paver?

A slew drive is a type of steering box that turns axial movement into rotational torque. These tools are a vital component of many mobile equipment types. Slew drives offer consistent and powerful movement from a central point, preventing any initial weaknesses from transferring to other moving parts of a machine.

In a slipform paver or road paver, many moving parts work together to lay smooth and durable concrete. A tractor unit or conveyor section moves the machine and pulls the augers, screeds, gates and other components that deliver and flatten the pavement. 

A vehicle slewing drive in a road paver can contain structure, bearing, rotation and motion control in a single compact system. This assembly allows road pavers and slipform pavers to deliver the power they need in their tractors, augers, and other rotational parts. As a part that can perform multiple functions without sacrificing power delivery, slew drives are space-efficient and cost-effective for any build. 

While slewing drives are simple components, they're capable of delivering high torque and horsepower. Their simple design also offers impressive longevity in road paving systems, only requiring pumping maintenance at designated grease points. Road pavers need to deliver consistent power and control to produce an even paved surface. A steering slew drive can deliver the power requirements for a high-performance and long-lasting heavy machine.


Why Choose SlewMaster for Your Slipform Paver Slew Drive?

At SlewMaster Inc., our RSE-2 Series slew drive offers a dual worm enclosed housing with an IP55 rating. The heat-treated teeth meshed with globoid worm shafts provide improved back holding torque, ideal for road paving systems. The two-worm configuration allows these slew drives to handle high-torque applications.

Beyond our in-stock options, SlewMaster offers custom solutions to work with your engineering needs. We can modify the RSE-2 Series for different motor output shaft dimensions and left and right orientations to fit your road paving design. Our team can also collaborate on other custom solutions. Whatever your needs, our technical experts work with you through every step in the development process to deliver a product tailored to your requirements.

Our cost-effective, durable slew drive options meet your performance needs for road paving equipment. As an ISO:9001 Quality Management System Certified manufacturer, we can deliver a lasting product according to your project timeline.


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As a reputable slew drive, slew ring and hydraulic swivel OEM, SlewMaster Inc. collaborates with clients to deliver in-stock and custom slew drive designs. Partner with us for your slipform and road paver engineering and we'll help you create a powerful, long-lasting machine. Request a consultation with one of our technical experts to discuss your needs and identify the right slew drive configuration for your design.


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