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Robotic Arm Slewing Ring

Robotic Arm Slewing Ring

Slewing rings are versatile systems that can withstand heavy loads while functioning in axial and radial directions. At SlewMaster Inc., we stock a range of durable slew rings with the horsepower and torque necessary for robotic arms and other robotic applications. 


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Why Do Robotics Need Slew Drives?

Robotics requires systems that can execute a range of motions while being precise, consistent and robust. Because slew drives use high rotational torque to complete accurate axial and radial movements, they're perfect for a range of robotic applications. These machines also function under heavy loads and require minimal maintenance when completing medium-speed operations.

Robotics uses slew drives for their range of functions and durable design. The slew drive's unique construction, versatility and high power density allow it to transmit high rotational torque with a speed ratio relative to its input. 


How Can You Use Slew Drives?

You can make the most of a slew drive's features when you use it on applications that require high torque to consistently achieve proper rotations and precise positioning. The slew drive's design allows it to function smoothly, efficiently and with minimum maintenance. Due to its accuracy, dependability and power, you can use slew drives in a range of industries that require robotic applications:

What Are the Benefits of Slew Drives?

Whatever your industry, downtime due to machine failures costs you money. One of the many benefits of slew drives is that they work with minimal friction, extending their lifespan dramatically. Slew drives also require little maintenance, making them reliable robotic arm systems within countless industrial workplaces. 

Other benefits of slew drives include:

  • Durability: They can function under heavy loads and offer long-lasting performance.
  • Versatility: They work in high axis tilts, different gear orders and varying reduction ratios. They also move in axial and radial directions. 
  • Customizability: We can use different bearing types, add teeth, adjust gear modules and include multiple drive motors to customize slew drives to your project specifications. 

What Maintenance Do Slew Drives Require?

Slew drives need little maintenance, and there's no need to disassemble them for regular checks. Slew drives require lubrication in three main points to keep them in good functioning order. Routine maintenance includes checking the slewing ring raceway, taper roller bearings and worm thread and lubricating them with the suitable grease type. You should also inspect and retighten or replace the bolts annually. 


Why Should You Choose SlewMaster?

At SlewMaster Inc., we stock slew rings for robotic arms ideal for various industries. Our non-standard E-series slew rings feature an internal ring with helical teeth and operate under heavy robotic applications. In addition to our in-stock options, our customized robotic arm slewing rings offer load compatibility that matches your project specifications. 

We use a hardening heat treatment to create components that hold up to heavy load requirements. What's more, our double-row design distributes the load effectively for smoother and more accurate functionality. Our team is happy to collaborate with you on custom solutions to your engineering needs. 


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As a reliable OEM slew ring manufacturer, we're committed to providing our customers with the highest quality components that match their project scope and unique specifications. To ensure our products meet our high standards, we include a one-year warranty on all orders. Contact our team of experts to receive a free quote for robotic arm bearings, slew rings or hydraulic swivels today.


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