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Solar Tracker Slew Drive

Solar Tracker Slew Drive

Many homes, businesses and institutions are turning to solar power as a renewable source of energy generation. Installing a tracker lets you maximize your system by adjusting panels to capture the most solar power as the sun moves, and certain features boost their function.


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Why Do Solar Trackers Need Slew Drives?

Solar power slew drives enable trackers to support radial force, axial force and tilting simultaneously. These movements are necessary to change the angle and orientation of panels periodically.

How Do Slew Drives Help Solar Power Systems?

Adjustments to solar power systems in response to a shifting sun help generate the maximum energy output. Slew drives accomplish this function through their gearbox configuration and overall design features.

Versions like double-row and cross roller raceways enable slew drives to manage the solar power system's heavier loads. The drive technology stems from worm gear principles, where rotating action in one gear facilitates the rotation of its perpendicular mate. Slew drives allow for low-torque inputs to support high-torque applications to create the necessary rotational movements. 

What Specific Features Are Beneficial for Slew Drives? 

Solar slew drives benefit from specific features, including:

  • Sturdy outer coverings: For a frictionless operation, it is crucial to protect gears and lubrication levels from debris and elements. Housing should contain durable finishing, such as the C3 and ED coatings SlewMaster uses on its drives for extended internal component life.
  • Integrated technology: Compatability is essential to slew drive versatility. Plug-and-play models like those SlewMaster manufactures make installation and set-up seamless.
  • Individualization: Custom applications call for specific drives to execute the task correctly. An experienced and knowledgeable manufacturer assists with design specifications focused on project needs, load requirements and more. 
  • Compact footprints: Well-designed slew drives retain the maximum space in perpendicular planes by reducing the need for speed-reduction gearboxes. 

How Can SlewMaster Help You Get the Right Slewing Drives? 

When identifying the right slew drive for solar trackers, start with a free technical design consultation

SlewMaster's experienced engineers offer their expertise on critical topics like:

  • Installation and maintenance.
  • Technical specifications.
  • Equipment safety, materials and size.
  • Application and design limitations.

Our team offers full-service customization capability — if we don't have it, we can design it and build it!

Why Should You Choose SlewMaster? 

Since 2012, SlewMaster has offered custom and in-stock slew drive solutions in medium to high-precision levels for various industries, focusing on top-notch support across the entire process. From initial design and selection questions to after-sale support and maintenance, SlewMaster is your technical partner. Our services also include assistance with effective inventory management, packing and packaging, and delivery and shipping.

We pride ourselves on being the ideal choice in cost and quality, so we offer price locks and a one-year guarantee on our components. SlewMaster also boasts certification under ISO:9001 global standards for our commitment to a robust quality management system.

Partner With a Market Leader for Solar Tracker Slew Drives

When you want the best in price, quality and support, you want SlewMaster. Contact us online or request a quote for more information about how SlewMaster can help you achieve project objectives.


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