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Vacuum Truck Slew Drives

Vacuum Truck Slew Drives

When implementing vacuum trucks for industrial waste management, you need heavy turret bearings to ensure optimal performance and productivity. SlewMaster Inc. is an OEM for manufacturing and supply chain businesses, and we offer a range of high-quality and cost-efficient products to fit your applicationsPartner with us for trusted equipment options to provide for your needs and help optimize your processes.


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What Are Heavy Turret Bearings for Vacuum Trucks?

The primary type of slew ring used in vacuum trucks, turret rings, are rotational rolling-element bearings that can support heavy, oscillating vacuum truck loads. Vacuum truck bearings have large bores with a small cross-section — their axial movement creates radial torque force, which then transfers to the radial gear. Turret Bearings are specially designed for axial and radial loads and offer a versatile design that can provide high precision for your applications.

The rings have extra width compared to standard bearings to provide more stability for the structure. They are available in a wide range of diameters to meet your requirements, with larger diameters typically used for vacuum trucks.


How Are Turret Rings Used?

Pumping wet and dry industrial waste is more efficient and effective with durable slew rings for your vacuum truck. Turret bearings provide smooth operation without wobbling for aerial and radial load applications. The rings retain grease on both sides and help facilitate the seamless rotation of vacuum truck parts. With these capabilities, turret rings can help streamline requirements, increase productivity and reduce wear and tear.


Why Do You Need Turret Bearings?

Ensuring vacuum truck parts are in good repair for each job provides better overall performance from the equipment. Lack of maintenance for a vacuum truck slew drive and turret rings can lead to significant inefficiency and premature failure as the drive is exposed to water or loses lubrication.

When you operate vacuum trucks and handle industrial waste materials, you need reliable performance from your equipment. Implementing turret bearings offers several key advantages, including:

  • Enhanced performance: Well-conditioned equipment and bearings help prevent wear and tear of your equipment, delivering longer and more reliable performance.
  • Dependable stability: Bearings provide stability for vacuum truck operations and maneuvering while boosting efficiency.
  • High load-carrying capacity: Turret rings can handle heavy axial loads during regular operations.


Why Work With SlewMaster?

When you need the right solution for your operational requirements, SlewMaster is here to assist you. With both in-stock and custom solutions, we offer these benefits for our customers:

  • Free quotes and technical consultations: If you have project-specific inquiries or want a product quote, we offer complimentary consultations and quotes to supply optimized resources for you.
  • Price guarantee: We lock prices with our customers early and keep them over time, so you know what you'll get from us from the beginning.
  • Product warranty: Our products have a one-year warranty to ensure ongoing performance from your purchase.
  • Certified expertise: We are ISO:9001 Quality Management System Certified, offering expertise and ensuring compliance for your applications.


Whatever services you require, turn to SlewMaster to find the best equipment for your processes. We offer high-quality products and trusted services to manage your applications. To learn more about our offerings, contact our representatives today.


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