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Turntable Bearings

Turntable Bearings

If you need dependable equipment to meet your applications, ball-bearing turntables may be a practical solution for your applications. The equipment pieces are appropriate for heavy-duty jobs and offer versatility for your requirements. As an industrial turntable bearing manufacturer, SlewMaster Inc. gives you access to dependable equipment with trusted performance for demanding projects in your industry. 


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What Are Lazy Susan Turntable Bearings?

Also known as slewing ring bearings, turntable bearings are thin-section ball bearings with four-point contact to supply rotary motion in a larger machine. To facilitate easier mounting in an industrial application, turntable bearings have holes in the outer and inner rings. The convenient mounting design allows for installation without additional machining requirements. These parts have many uses across industries, such as in welding tables, automation equipment and heavy machinery.

Ball-bearing turntables reduce friction and surface contact between moving planes while helping position moving machine parts and carrying loads. Rather than having a full contact radius, they touch the raceway at two contact points to minimize ball skidding. This design helps protect the equipment from wear and tear and optimize performance for day-to-day operations.


How Are Lazy Susan Turntable Bearings Used?

Industrial turntable bearings provide fixation to a structure. Mounted to the end of each shaft in an equipment piece that supplies rotary motion, turntable bearings can handle thrust or radial loads, clockwise rotation or continuous, low-speed rotation. These versatile equipment pieces can work with cranes, grapples, forklift attachments and a wide range of other products that require rotation and load-carrying capabilities.

To meet your applications, we offer bearings in several varieties, such as flanged, rectangular, rectangular high capacity or rectangular cross roller.


Why Do You Need Turntable Bearings and Ball Bearings?

Turntable bearings and ball bearings can optimize performance in a wide range of applications. Rugged and versatile, turntable bearings and ball bearings offer many advantages for your operations, such as:

  • Usability: The holes in both the inner and outer rings of turntable bearings enable easy mounting and more rotational ability once installed.
  • Performance: Strong and compact, these bearings take up minimal space while still delivering sizable strength for applications that may require conserving space or limiting weight.
  • Capacity: These parts have optimized load-bearing capacity with a design and structure that allows them to handle extreme moment loads.


Choose SlewMaster for Heavy Duty Bearings

When you work with SlewMaster, you have diverse product options to match your requirements. As an OEM for manufacturing and supply chain businesses, we offer both in-stock and custom slew bearing products. Our solutions are available at competitive prices lower than average in the North American market to provide more value for users. Our solutions are highly cost-efficient without sacrificing quality, delivering trusted performance for accuracy, precision and load.

From the design phase to manufacturing and implementing your product, our experienced technical team provides expertise and consultation. We work with you to develop solutions that precisely meet your specifications and operations requirements.

If you would like more information on product service life, installation, maintenance or other technical details, we are ready to assist you. Speak with one of our technical representatives today.


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