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Excavator Slew Rings

Whether digging and excavating, handling materials, performing demolition or lifting heavy objects, an excavator offers power and control to get every job done right. A slew ring is essential to an excavator's design, enabling smooth operation and consistent performance.

At SlewMaster Inc., we offer high-quality, cost-effective slew ring solutions. Learn more about excavator slew bearings and get in touch with our team of talented engineers today.


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What Does a Slew Ring Do?

A slew or slewing ring enables machinery to perform rotational movements. They combine traditional bearing elements with gears and mounting holes, which allows the ring to connect directly to a structure for maximum versatility.

Excavators lift, turn and spin frequently to move materials or perform other duties, requiring a system that can rotate as desired. The slew ring's hybrid format facilities this movement in an excavator, allowing heavy construction equipment to swing and turn smoothly, even when handling heavy loads.


Where Is the Slew Ring in an Excavator?

A slew ring mounts horizontally between the excavator's house and undercarriage. This placement lets the machine and its attachments swing nonstop as necessary.

These rings typically consist of an inner ring, rolling elements, two seals and an outer seal. Each part plays an essential role in the system's function. The outer ring connects with the excavator, offering stability, while the inner ring facilitates movement with the ball- or roller-style bearings. The seals help lubricate the rolling elements properly.


Excavator Slew Ring Sizes

Slew rings are used across many industries for numerous machines and purposes, and their size and design depend on the application. For example, excavators and other heavy machinery require strong, durable slew rings to meet rigorous construction demands. The slew's size will be proportional to the excavator itself, ranging from a few inches to several feet in diameter.

Finding a high-quality slew ring for your excavator is essential. A poorly-constructed bearing increases the risk of downtime or safety issues. That's why SlewMaster creates custom slew rings geared to your specs.


Why You Should Choose SlewMaster Slew Rings

At SlewMaster, our experienced engineers and high-tech manufacturing capabilities provide you with the slew ring solutions you need. When you work with us, you'll experience the following advantages and more:

  • Cost efficiency: Our prices are affordable, so you can get the best quality slew rings while staying within your budget.
  • High-quality parts: Your applications require power and precision, which is why we manufacture top-quality products that meet all project demands.
  • Technical partners: We're proud to work alongside you from design to manufacturing. You can get a free consultation with our team of experts.
  • Price guarantees: Once we lock in a price, you don't have to worry about it changing over time.
  • On-time delivery: Get the parts you need when you need them.


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SlewMaster is proud to offer our customers quality, performance and reliability. When it comes to excavator slew rings, we have custom solutions for any need. Contact us online or at 905-828-4001 for a free quote today!


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