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Medical Slew Drives

Medical devices and technology require precise, accurate operation. These specialized tools often need multidirectional and rotational adjustment with load support to perform at their best. SlewMaster Inc. is the solution, providing hospital slew drives and medical slew bearings for health care equipment.


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What Medical Devices and Technology Use Slew Drives and Slewing Rings?

Slew drives are gearboxes designed to processes axial, tilting and radial loads with high rotation. The single gearbox delivers revolution and load support from one centralized source. Many other names exist, like turret bearing, rotational unit and worm drive. These components come configured in single- or double-axis styles for application flexibility.

The slew rings — or slewing ring bearings — support heavy loads as they rotate with a combination of inner and outer rings that form the core of the slew drive. As a result, they help drive power by joining machine components. These bearings are ideal for slower-moving, horizontal rotations.

Slew drives and slewing rings are vital to a wide range of equipment built to detect, diagnose and treat injury and disease. Some of the medical technologies and devices that use them include:

  • Imaging machinery: Slew drives and slewing rings are essential for precise positioning of X-ray and CT scan equipment, mammography devices, nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI), orthodontic modeling and other imaging machines. The slewing products we make help techs get clearer and more detailed pictures for better interpretation.
  • Surgical and treatment delivery tools: These vital components save lives as part of operating room equipment like robotic devices. Cancer treatment machinery like the Gamma Knife and linear accelerators also rely on slewing products. SlewMaster manufactures reliable slew drives and rings that deliver the adjustable movement these tools require for accuracy.
  • Hospital beds and physical therapy equipment: During treatment and recovery, patients move and transition frequently to relieve pain and rebuild strength. Our slew drives and slewing rings are ideal for those low-speed, horizontal rotations to ensure better safety as they focus on regaining pain-free mobility.


The Benefits of Using Slew Drives for Medical Devices

Medical slew drives provide ideal solutions for health care applications. Benefits of using them include:

  • Better patient experiences: Smoother and quieter operation ensures patients can rest or transition more comfortably and safely. You can adapt equipment to new positions quickly without compromising result integrity.
  • Better treatment delivery: Accurate positioning allows physicians to deliver medication or surgical precision where it's needed most. You'll improve patient outcomes with more targeted medical care.
  • Better cost control: Extended life spans, corrosion-resistant materials and highly reproducible operation reduce overall expenses. You'll benefit from lower maintenance costs and fewer inconclusive results that require retakes.


Why Do You Need Medical Slewing Rings From SlewMaster?

In medical applications, maintaining a contaminant-free environment is a priority alongside safely supporting load capacity. Many facilities also need high rotation speeds with lower noise levels and consistent torque. SlewMaster Inc. manufactures medical device slew drives and slew rings to meet the rigid quality and safety standards required in a health care setting.

Medical slewing rings from SlewMaster are:

  • Lightweight: Make it easier for personnel to manipulate equipment smoothly and precisely without adding unnecessary weight.
  • Quiet: Adjust to patient positions while keeping noise levels low.
  • Thin: Get more room for the essentials while adding design options.
  • Noncorrosive: Prevent oxidation and contamination of sterile surroundings.
  • Durable: Limit friction and deliver high repeatability with long-lasting slewing components.


Choose Slew Drives from SlewMaster for Your Medical Needs

SlewMaster is a premier global supplier of cost-friendly, high-quality slewing products. The SlewMaster team includes skilled engineers and designers who draw on decades of industry experience. Choose from our in-stock slew drives, an extensive inventory of slewing rings and the hydraulic swivels you need for your equipment. We also provide first-rate custom design services for an ideal solution to unique needs. Request your consultation online today for more information.


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