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Slew Ring Wind Turbine

Slew Ring Wind Turbine

Wind turbines provide a tremendous opportunity for clean, renewable energy to support our homes and communities. Harnessing their power requires understanding their primary components, including the slew ring bearings that maintain a smooth blade rotation pattern. With knowledge of the functions they support, you can make the best-informed decisions about your ideal slew ring solutions.


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Why Are Slew Rings Needed in Wind Turbines? 

As it generates electricity through natural wind, your turbine is subject to varying conditions, including low-oscillation with higher loads. Slew ring bearings support blade rotation in horizontal- and vertical-axis turbines to keep them moving without undue friction. When connecting at pitch or yaw, they assist nacelle rotation. Joining them at the hub facilitates blade movement. Slewing rings are essential for effortless operation and making directional adjustments to capture maximum generation capacity.


How Can SlewMaster Help You Get the Right Slewing Rings?

At SlewMaster, we believe our success depends upon our customers' satisfaction. When you partner with us, expect a dual-focused approach to your slewing ring needs.


Engineering Consultation

SlewMaster proudly boasts an experienced engineering and design team. We advise you on the right slew ring and bearing combination for your specific business application. Our professionals will help you choose from our in-stock inventory or custom design a product to your specifications, specifying factors like:


The engineering team also supplies CAD diagrams and drawings when requested.


Purchasing Consultation

Our sales department handles pricing, our quantity discount policy and delivery. During your conversation with one of our sales team members, you'll learn about our exclusive price lock approach and quality standards. SlewMaster provides free quotes and a one-year parts guarantee, delivering you the assurances of reliability and upfront pricing for your projects.


Why Should You Choose SlewMaster?

If you're looking for a reliable, experienced and knowledgeable wind slew ring partner, look no further than SlewMaster. We manufacture first-rate components at cost-effective prices, allowing you to keep project budgets under control without sacrificing the strict quality standards you need to meet. Benefits of working with us include:

  • Custom manufacturing capabilities: Our engineering team provides a free technical consultation when you need a specialized slewing ring for your wind turbine or other rotational projects. Our custom manufacturing services deliver a personalized solution across a spectrum of applications.
  • A wide selection of inventory in stock: We carry rings in sizes from 3" or 100mm to 6 ft. or 2m, and styles with internal, external or no teeth to accommodate a variety of gear configurations.
  • ISO:9001 quality management system certified: SlewMaster has demonstrated its commitment to delivering high-quality products by achieving strict global standards in quality management processes.


Choose or Create the Ideal Slew Rings for Wind Turbines Today

SlewMaster provides beginning-to-end process assistance, from initial equipment consultation to ongoing after-implementation support. Our expert design engineers are ready to help you develop or select the perfect solution for your wind power applications. Request your consultation online and get started today.


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